KaRa MINDS is an independent research institute based in Sydney, Australia

About Kara MINDS

At KaRa MINDS, our focus is on the prevention, detection and care of neurological diseases, underpinned by the most promising clinical trials and independent research.

KaRa MINDS provides Brain Wise appointments as well as Memory Clinic services, helping individuals and their families lower their risk profile, understand disease processes and manage changes that may already be present.

Our specialist team provides the community with a one stop location for information, diagnostic services, clinical trials and practical support in the field of neuroscience.

Specialising in dementia, we work towards eliminating this disease so that people can live a full life without the fear of losing or forgetting those things that are so important to us.

Our Vision

“The human mind is our fundamental resource,”

We know that the mind, and the processes involved in maintaining it, are complex. Finding solutions for those in need and generations to follow involves many minds.

The establishment of KaRa MINDS has come about through the vision, commitment and compassion of two like-minded people who bring together two unique perspectives; encompassing pure and applied clinical research and care.

Our Mission

KaRa MINDS is dedicated to preserving and optimising brain health.

Our mission is to deliver high calibre clinical trials for those areas that need exploration, support independent researchers, and ultimately translate discovery into improved diagnostics, treatment and care.

KaRa MINDS connects clinicians, researchers, pharmaceutical industries, universities, diagnostic centres, community and accommodation service providers to deliver a unique service offering direct to the community.

KaRa MINDS promotes growth and advancement of knowledge within an atmosphere of genuine collaboration, finding solutions to those questions that remain unanswered.

What We Do

PREVENTION – We work with you to identify ways to optimise your health, lifestyle and cognitive approaches to reduce your risk of dementia

DETECTION – Using validated and consistent approaches to early detection, we assist in monitoring your cognitive health

RESEARCH – National and international pharmaceutical clinical trials. Conducting independent research to progress knowledge

CARE – Advice, support and service linkage for individuals and their significant others, including education, such as our interactive brain training groups