Memory Clinic (Bulk-billed)

A multi-disciplinary assessment designed for people who want to be proactive about their cognitive health in order to reduce their risk of dementia. The  provides an excellent baseline for ongoing wellbeing.

Brain training program

This program is designed for people who do not have dementia but may be concerned that their memory is not as sharp as previous. This program is conducted over two hours per week, for six consecutive weeks. It is an interactive, small group session run by our cognitive specialists, working to enhance your day to day memory function, with practical skills applicable to your life.

Specialist Diagnostic

In the event of their being a recognised change in cognition or memory, this appointment with a specialist is undertaken to provide diagnostic clarity. Further details are available from our team.

Clinical Neuropsychologist Assessment

This is a two to three hour cognitive assessment held over two appointments. This assessment is a process by which a person’s cognitive, psychological/emotional and behavioural functioning is comprehensively assessed. This service is only available following a specialist request.

Carer Support

This appointment is tailored to your needs and can provide information regarding caring for someone with dementia, understanding dementia, discussing care planning issues, family concerns, health requirements, services and other topics specific to your needs.

Clinical Trials (No cost to you)

The KaRa Institute conducts high profile local, national and international clinical trials in the area of neurology, specialising in Alzheimer’s disease. These cutting-edge studies bring together the latest in technology and advanced thinking and are specifically selected due to their potential to lower the risk or treat specific neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers understand the importance of early detection, and through enhanced technology, can better predict those who may be at increased risk of dementia.