Our Valued Partners

At KaRa MINDS, we value collaboration

Dementia is a complex condition, and each person’s circumstances are unique. KaRa MINDS is committed to helping people with and without dementia to better understand the condition so that we can build a dementia-friendly world.

Working with our global partners, KaRa MINDS supports our partners to discover and validate new treatment interventions and approaches to care, whilst monitoring the health of our community.

Collaboration and networks

Macquarie University, NSW -  Prof Ralph Martins holds 0.5 academic position at Macquarie; A/Prof Kathryn Goozee holds an honorary appointment within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Anglicare - Together with KaRa MINDS, we work collaboratively to advance the care and support of individuals in the community. Free community education is provided to help create dementia-friendly communities and de-stigmatise dementia. A/Prof Kathryn Goozee holds the position of Director of Dementia and Clinical Research, Anglicare.

Australasian Consortium of Centres for Clinical Research (AC4R) - A/Prof Goozee is an executive member of this network, which facilitates high quality, national and international trials across Australia. KaRa MINDS is a member of this network.

Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation (AARF), Western Australia (WA) – Prof Ralph Martins is Research Director at AARF, WA.

Edith Cowan University, WA – Prof Ralph Martins holds a 0.5 academic position at ECU. A/Prof Kathryn Goozee is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer.

University of Western Australia, WA – Prof Ralph Martins holds an Adjunct Prof position.

University of New South Wales - Collaborates with independent research undertaken by Prof Ralph Martins and his broader research team. 

Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration (DCRC) - Prof Martins is a Principal Investigator in this group.

Dementia Australia, NSW - Provides counselling and 24 hour help line, dementia library facilities and ad-hoc social programs and education services.

Macquarie Medical Imaging – Provides diagnostic imaging services for clinical trials and private services.